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Dental fear? - Choose Your Dental Clinic Wisely

The thought of visiting a dentist is often dreadful for many people. People irrespective of age, are often afraid of dental procedures. This fear can be really strong for some people making them highly sensitive towards even simple dental procedures. Severity of dental anxiety or dental phobia can vary from person to person. Sadly, it often leads to ignoring dental needs or avoiding dental visits even when urgent dental care is required leading to loss of teeth and gum health. Evidence based research in the past decade attributes dental anxieties to exogenous experiences that deeply affects the subconscious thought process such as a traumatic childhood dental experience or a negative experience of family, friends, colleagues and peers etc. Online exposure to dental procedural videos has recently emerged as another factor attributing to dental anxiety. Best Child Dentist in Gurgaon Some personality traits can have a direct influence on how a new experience such as first dental visit is