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Dental fear? - Choose Your Dental Clinic Wisely

The thought of visiting a dentist is often dreadful for many people. People irrespective of age, are often afraid of dental procedures. This fear can be really strong for some people making them highly sensitive towards even simple dental procedures. Severity of dental anxiety or dental phobia can vary from person to person. Sadly, it often leads to ignoring dental needs or avoiding dental visits even when urgent dental care is required leading to loss of teeth and gum health. Evidence based research in the past decade attributes dental anxieties to exogenous experiences that deeply affects the subconscious thought process such as a traumatic childhood dental experience or a negative experience of family, friends, colleagues and peers etc. Online exposure to dental procedural videos has recently emerged as another factor attributing to dental anxiety. Best Child Dentist in Gurgaon Some personality traits can have a direct influence on how a new experience such as first dental visit is
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Get Your Smile Makeover With Best Dentist in Gurugram

A pleasing smile is important in personal communication and to facial beauty . No wonder, the smile on the face adds to one's charm & beauty but it has a more important role of improving one's self image. Not all of the beautiful people are born that way however. Many have helped nature along by taking advantage of Plastic surgery as well as Cosmetic Dentistry It must be understood that there is no universal "ideal" smile. The most important esthetic goal is to achieve a "balanced" smile Smile Design is a technique used in our practice whenever a patient is evaluated for any type of esthetic enhancement to his/her that involves more than one or two teeth Specialty treatment for achieving an ideal smile can include:- Orthodontics (taking help of orthopaedic principles with braces or aligners to move teeth into more balanced positions) Orthognathic surgery (jaw correction surgeries) Periodontal (gum) therapy, includi

Don’t Let Your Dentures Have Negative Effect on Your Life

Adapting to new set of dentures can be quite challenging for some patients. How early you can adapt to new dentures depends on • Health of your oral cavity • when and why teeth were lost • Quantity and quality of your jaw bone • Muscles health • Your overall general health (medical conditions) • Your emotional well being • And most importantly, your psychological willingness to adapt to this major change in your life. Behavioural adaptation to complete dentures is a complex neurological process requiring acquisition of new motor skills to use dentures while eating and speaking. Our Denture specialists are part of this habituation process and will guide you at all steps during adjustment phase. Want to chew better with your dentures? Consult our specialists! Upper and lower complete dentures just rest superficially on your jaw bones with saliva lubricating its inner and outer surface. There is always some minor movement of dentures over this bony support while chewing irrespective of qu

Best Dental Implant Clinic in Gurgaon

Imperial Smiles Dental and Implant Clinic is the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Gurgaon having well experienced team of dentist. We are providing greatest quality of dental treatment to all age of groups. We strive to create with utmost dedication a comfortable, caring atmosphere to provide dental care. Our main aim is to providing high quality treatment. Come and have a whole new experience of friendly dentistry near you! Book an appointment at - +91 9810172415