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Get Your Smile Makeover With Best Dentist in Gurugram

A pleasing smile is important in personal communication and to facial beauty . No wonder, the smile on the face adds to one's charm & beauty but it has a more important role of improving one's self image. Not all of the beautiful people are born that way however. Many have helped nature along by taking advantage of Plastic surgery as well as Cosmetic Dentistry It must be understood that there is no universal "ideal" smile. The most important esthetic goal is to achieve a "balanced" smile Smile Design is a technique used in our practice whenever a patient is evaluated for any type of esthetic enhancement to his/her that involves more than one or two teeth Specialty treatment for achieving an ideal smile can include:- Orthodontics (taking help of orthopaedic principles with braces or aligners to move teeth into more balanced positions) Orthognathic surgery (jaw correction surgeries) Periodontal (gum) therapy, includi